Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Case

So the guy that posted the original website about live universe owing him money (Live Universe Owes Me Money) took it down in return for his $600, But Live Universe owes me $30'000, Yes, Thirty Thousand Dollars.

I am not sure my friend whom they owe $200k got his money or not, Yes, 200 thousand dollars, or $200'000, i will ask him as soon as he goes on yahoo messenger again.

Anyway, Brad Greenspan (Live Universe Founder and CEO) ignores my emails (That are well documented in my Google Mail), he does not respond, and the person he had on the front line (taking all the nagging from people that want there money) finally left that company (Live Universe).


Anyway, here is how it goes.

I managed a website for Mr. Brad Greenspan (Live Universe), I paid for a dedicated server for almost 1.5 years, i spent plenty of time working on it, and i paid employees to work on it, i was serving them (Live Universe) at a very low price, I helped them make much much more than they pay me for a long time.

After 6 months of service, i noticed that the money is no longer coming through, i felt somewhat frustrated that for 4 months, nothing has arrived at my bank account (As i noticed starting from month #6 through month 10)!

I contacted the person that i always get in touch with at LU and he told me that it is a trivial matter, that the contract expired after 6 months and we had to re-sign it, but assured me that i should keep going with there website, and so i trusted him and kept going.

two months later, after plenty of nagging from my side, i got the same contract to sign again, i signed and emailed the scan, everything should have been ok at this stage, but still no money coming in.

I complained and they told me to write an invoice ! i did, Nothing after that, i will send it to the accountant, i will send it to i don't know who, but rather than getting my money i got emails assuring me the money is coming.

Some time after, the front line guy told me that they were having difficulties, but that Brad is in NY raising money, every week there was brad is raising money, this time it is promising, this time it is a sure thing, and this other time they are in final stages, nothing came, i got nothing in return for my services, By that time LU owed me $30'000 that i have already paid to employees at my end, and for a server and my own time, The front line guy actually thought they were going to raise money and i still do trust he was sincere !

So the money mounted up to $30'000 and they could sense i was getting frustrated, Surely enough they changed there DNS to a host they have, and uploaded the website there (With my help unfortunately).

Later on, once they took the website into there own hands, it was a matter of time until the website lost traffic, and surely enough, it barely got any visitors in no time.

Now, i know a large number of people who LU owes money, but i will not write on there behalf, i will just allow them to write HERE on this page...

Brad, Pay the money, even if LU collapses you can build a new one Mr. Genius, But with people blogging how indecent you are, you are not going to get anywhere, and i already have this website on Auto Renew ! i will not let go of it to the end of time.

Brad is still buying websites (So he has money), Peerflix was bought in 9/08, MeeVee, 5/08, Pageflakes, 4/08 , Revver, 2/08, for millions of dollars (EX: Pageflakes for 3M and Revver for 5M)

Here is a list of websites brad greenspan operates (Non exhaustive list, there are many more).


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